About Eluthia

Eluthia® is a Laboratory, based in Germany. We want to enable people to take more responsibility for their own health. We develop and commercialize diagnostic tests, which help to identify diseases, or genetic conditions that may lead to diseases.

Our Goal

The human being is in the centre of our attendance

Our goal is to contribute to help improve the quality of life of our fellow human beings with new developments in the medical field.

Through an early detection we allow for an early treatment of the disease or it’s symptoms and help to improve the quality of life. We currently launch the ProviaTest® which is a ground-breaking extended neo-natal screening test. It detects the most frequent genetic syndromes in new-borns.

Our Mission and Vision

The healthcare systems are changing faster than ever. New diagnostic tools are developed at an ever-growing speed. At the same time some products of doubtful value for the patient are marketed with large budgets and a significant media coverage which makes it increasingly difficult, sometimes even for healthcare professionals, to distinguish between both.

We envision the following trends for the healthcare sector:

  • People increasingly take responsibility for their health.
  • Healthcare increasingly starts to focus at the complete human being instead of focussing on isolated symptoms.
  • Preserving health is gaining more traction vs. curing diseases.
  • Our knowledge of our genetic conditions and predispositions will allow us to take more effective measures to preserve our health.
  • Early stage diagnostic tools will allow for early intervention and thus help decrease morbidity and mortality and improve quality of life.

In this context Eluthia’s mission is:

  • Enabling those who want to take responsibility for their own health, by
  • Offering accurate new diagnostic tools for clinically relevant questions, and by
  • Supporting patients diagnosed with a disease or syndrome and their families

What do the names stand for?

The name Eluthia is derived from the name of the greek goddess of childbirth, which in doric greek language stands for “she who comes to the aid…”. It also is phonetically similar to the word “elucidate”, which stands for the diagnostic tools we provide, as they shed light on the reasons for diseases and/or genetic conditions.

The name ProviaTest is derived from the latin words ‘pro’, standing for ‘for’, ‘beneficial to’ and ‘via’ standing for ‘path’ or ‘track’. It underlines that the ProviaTest allows the parents to support their children to find their optimal path through life.